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Ray Jenkins is the founder and principal producer for RAM-Z ENTERTAINMENT and THE DOBERMANS, the companies first feature length animated film. Ray wrote the script, designed 25 original characters and stepped into the role of producer. In 1974 Ray left the School of Visual Arts in New York as a film production and animation major to join Lester Osterman Productions staff on the film Raggedy Ann and Andy. Ray remained at Lester Osterman as an Assistant Department Head in Ink and Paint through the duration of the film. From 1980 to 1984 Ray served as the Asst. Advertising Director for United Films Distribution in East Meadow New York.

The company was an affiliate of United Artist Theater Circuit operated by Sallah Hassanein, Chief Executive Officer over all of the companies theaters on the Eastern Seaboard. At UFD Ray learned the control of prints and advertising on such films as Steven Kings Creepshow, 1984, The Lion of the Desert, Channel, Fast Times At Ridgemont High and many others. In 1985 Ray Jenkins owned and operated Art Vision, a local commercial art business in New York supplying artists and handling small accounts for major advertising firms. From 1995 to 2000 Ray owned and operated Charismagic Entertainment in Winter Park Florida. At Charismagic Ray co-produced a half hour pilot for The Kay Green show. Under the Charismagic banner Ray engineered the procurement of the option or the film rights to the Steve Cauthen story.(the last jockey to hold the title for 37 years). Ray also set the stage for his team to travel to New York to meet Loida Lewis, the billionaire, owner/heiress of International, T.L.C. Beatrice Corp. On the meetings agenda was a bid for the option to the film rights of her deceased husband, Reggie Lewis' book, Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun, on how he became the first African American billionaire. Ray currently resides in Florida producing and writing for RAM-Z ENTERTAINMENT.

Prodcer, Director David Kallaher, producer on the animated feature film THE DOBERMANS has been in the motion picture and television industry for over twenty years. While still working for his BS degree in Business and Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, Mr. Kallaher formed his first company, PMI. His first film, Finger Transplants, for the American Academy of Medicine, earned him the Golden Eagle Award. He sold PMI before military service in 1969/70. Upon his return, he started a new office for Film Production of Indianapolis, went on to become Director of the Cincinnati office and generated sales in excess of Two Million ($2,000,000) Dollars the first year. David joined Rainbow Productions as CEO, Executive Producer/Director.

In this position, he was responsible for all operations of this new company formed to produce commercials and sales and marketing films for Kenner Toys and their agency, Sive Assoc. /Young & Rubicam. Part of his responsibility included coordination of all commercial production with the networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS. In late 1972, Sive Advertising/Young & Rubicam, New York sold Rainbow Productions. Later, Mr. Kallaher started David Kallaher, Productions specializing in technologies which blended animation and live action. He was directly responsible for all budgeting, financial and contract negotiations. This expertise and interest led to the newly burgeoning international markets in new technology. In the early 1980s, Mr. Kallaher was responsible for bringing the first 4X4, 16 monitor video walls, which was controlled by a single laser disc, to the United States. In 1983, he designed a 3X9, video wall, shot by three synchronous 35mm cameras, which took the technology of live action set against matted foregrounds and backgrounds, to a new level. Working with Electrosonics Corporation, he designed and produced several different types of interactive kiosks. His work on vertical and horizontal motion control cameras with Mechanical Concepts of Los Angeles led to their receiving an Academy Award for their work. Concurrent with these achievements, he has worked with advertising agencies, including Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, Grey Advertising, Y&R Advertising, and directly with corporate clients to produce network and syndicated pieces. His animated Famous Classic Tales for Kenner Toys was aired on CBS and syndicated to 125 affiliate stations. His Proctor and Gamble animated logo is seen day after day, year after year, by the loyal fans of The Guiding Light as well as other P&G soap operas and mini-series. With famous children's publisher, Golden Books, Mr. Kallaher produced and directed twelve animated children's shows which, ultimately, became the first photomatic books in the U.S. Sales of the first Golden Books show exceeded Michael Jackson's Thriller Album, totaling over 59Miillion Dollars. Mr. Kallaher has worked with the late Jim Henson of Muppets Fame, Hallmark cards, American Greeting Cards, and The Creative Factory. His permanent works include the 10,000 square foot Antarctic exhibit of Sea World, Florida which incorporates both a 3X9 video wall and interactive laser discs. His permanent exhibit at Kennedy Space Center has floating animatronics’ characters talking to the visitors. The 7,500 square foot exhibit in The Museum of Science and Industry uses interactive laser discs to project cell animation, puppet animation, and image projection of various characters. Indeed, Mr. Kallaher has extensive experience in all facets of an entertaining production which draws and mesmerizes people as it conveys information. Mr. Kallaher continues to write, produce and direct on public television, network specials, syndication, and feature films.

Producer ANDRE BUCHANAN rounds out THE DOBERMANS producer team on his first animated feature film. William Andre Buchanan also known as Dre Buchanan or Dre-ILL Buchanan career has spanned 10 years plus in the music and entertainment industry and his reputation for getting the job done and opening doors is unsurpassed. From recording with well-loved artists to producing jingles for international advertising campaigns, Dre Buchanan, a former Electrical Engineer and now a producer, writer, promoter, music consultant and now promising Film Producer with a proven ability to orchestrate a broad spectrum of multi-million dollar projects in event production and film Graduated high school from Hyde Park Career Academy in Chicago and went on to secure a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Northern Illinois University.

He worked as a project engineer for the largest safely company in the world in Underwriters laboratories before closing his career as a project manager for Transit Television network introduction the technology and advertising world to a new market of advertisement on public transportation across the country including NY, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, etc. His strong desire for music, however, motivated him to make Engineering secondary so that he could pursue a career in entertainment. He started a brief performing career in many talent shows and well-known clubs venues in the Midwest as well as festivals, special. He had a song, “Pay Me” that received airtime on the radio for 14 weeks in Chicago, New york, DC and Atlanta. He soon developed a love for music production and decided to hang up the performance desires to and focus more music and song production. He has been involved with a few top major artists and many independent artist in the US including Monica, Missy Elliott, Fabulous, Louis Price (Temptations), and other artist signed to Universal, Motown and Rocafella records. He began producing score music for independent plays in and around the Chicago and Los Angeles area. He soon developed a knack for making connections and helping others reached their goals which led him to open up and Entertainment Company and an investment company. He became a promoter producing some of the larger, more memorable events surrounding Grammys, Super bowl, NBA all-star, Academy Awards, etc., working with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood from Jerry Seinfeld to Michael Jordan to Magic Johnson, to Beyonce. These events have allowed him increase his connection perimeter far beyond music into all areas of business, entertainment and politics including behind the scenes management, producers, investors, celebrities and sponsors for product placement in film, media and events. Everybody is a phone call away. Events included Dwight Freeney’s Celebrity Billiard challenge during the super bowl in which he got his friends at ESPN to write a column on the event, Magic and Zo's 8ball challenge. Aired on ESPNs on then Tom Arnolds show "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" His works across all spectrums has led to a Customer Satisfaction award, Independent Music Award, Grammy nomination, Soul Train Award Nomination. Building an experienced talented expanded ranged production team that has lead to song placements in several movies and TV shows including NCIS the (World’s number one watched show) Redline, Happy Feet, American Reunion, The Oprah Winfrey show, Queen Latifa Show, Tara Banks show, National running commercial with State farm Insurance (Starting on Superbowl night and running for an entire year) etc.. Types of Media Theatrical, Commercial, entertainment, corporate, web series, Interactive CD&DVD, print Project management Production manager, Concept Development, Media producer, Budgeting, research, Logistics, client interaction, Talent acquisition and management Film and production & post, fundraising Music Specialties: Writing, Performing, Producing, Arranging, Sound Engineering, Film, Documentary, Development, Commercial Scoring and Composing, Music direction for stage shows or gala events, Jingles for your campaign, Arrangements for orchestra, singers and ensembles, Bands for your corporate event or fundraiser Marketing Specialties: Event planning, Implementing, coordinating, logistics, social media, internet marketing, Electrical Engineering Specialties: Project management, Consulting, Design, Development, Implementing, Training, Sales, Logistics

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