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Ram-Z Entertainment is uniquely qualified to succeed by bringing the best talent the film industry has to offer coupled with the giants of the music world together in cross cultural, universal story lines with engaging scripts and original characters.

The Dobermans Movie

This is a “can’t miss” film opportunity that will be comparable to the likes of Rio, A Shark Tale, Space Jam and Shrek among others. The Dobermans is a storyline with a universal theme coupled with captivating character design.

Star Driver 7

In an age where self driving cars are the norm, how common is a droid that serves as your main computer, drives your car and controls all electronic devices in your life? Star Driver 7 takes you to that world and you decide if it's a boon to mankind or a tragedy in the making.


A robot short circuits and kills it’s owner. The death is ruled an accident. John Helson was breaking the law and living with an unregistered robot. The robot was remanded to the custody of the sheriffs department to be disposed of at a State RDU (Robot Disposal Unit) until one man intervenes for reasons of his own.

Kay-9 Reality TV Show

The show centers around Kay, a poodle with a desire to become "Famous". Kay's efforts come to a head when she takes "The Walk of Fame" walking down- town with her own hired paparazzi leading people to believe she is already famous. Its reality tv gone to the dogs with a parade of boy friends, girl friends, movie stars , musicians and sports figures combining to make great tv.

Those Cats

Those Cats is an animated musical with an award winning score. It's the story of what happens when two street cats, Bing and Tiger get caught up in a government sting to curb the sale of illegal catnip on the street and wind up unlikely heroes in the war on catnip.

Monahsetah and Libbie

The story of Custers two wives sheds light on life on the plains in 1868 for Native American women and White Settler women as well. This "love triangle" with an "American Hero", his Indian captive, and his Monroe society wife speaks to the humanity buried in history that was the everyday lives of the people who lived it. "Monahsetah and Libbie" is a controversial tale kept secret until the death of Libbie Custer in 1933.

Our stories engage the realities of human lives in the making of history and bring to the front the complexities of those lives we endow with the title heroic.


Our stories take you into the future with images of what we could become. Here fantasy worlds abound complete with all the technology our writers minds can conjure.


In the realm of animation we seek to spur the imaginations of young and old alike by creating characters and fantasy worlds used to provide a look at our own world from a different point of view.


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